Junkanoo: A Unique New Years Celebration for All Ages

Going on family adventures is so much fun. It gets every member out of their routine, free from chores, homework, school, work and all the other boring stuff I’m sure you don’t even want to read about right now.

Everyone is in a good mood and ready to enjoy their time off. So as the planner, you might start asking yourself:

“Where should we go?”

“Beach or adventure?”

“Is that fun for the kids?”

“Is that a family friendly plan?” 

As your browse the web you start getting more ideas and the tropical vibes get your attention. You keep opening up new tabs and boom you see some colorful pictures of people dancing with huge smiles on their faces in what is known as a tropical paradise. 

Nassau in the awe-inspiring Bahamas. 

Twice a year at Christmas time they hold the greatest cultural event in the island presented as The Junkanoo Festival, which is a type of street carnival that happens twice a year. First on “Boxing Day” on December 26th and New Year’s Day on January 1st .

While these are the two main events a smaller group of Junkanoo performers hold the Junkanoo rush in June in Arawak Cay, Nassau being one of the top tourist scenes. 

This festival brings a touch of culture, music, dance and tons of creativity for your family to be a part of. 

The Bahamas Junkanoo summer festival is characterized by extraordinary costumes made of crepe paper, colored cloth and leather to the last detail. This attire is flaunted by the stilt dancers, street dancers, clowns and acrobatic dancers to the african rhythm of the drums, cowbells, horns and conch shells. 

History Of Junkanoo

Preceding the abolition of slavery under the British in 1834 Junkanoo was a way to express freedom that is still being celebrated today. Oh yes, freedom for all! It’s been bringing family and friends together in the sparkly blue island of the Bahamas, becoming one of the most celebrated festivals in the entire Caribbean. 

Today this has become a pretty intense competition in between 6 top groups Colors, Music Makers, One Family, Roots, Saxons and Valley Boys. 

Every year, they compete against each other in categories like costume design, choreography, and music.  This actually encourages the performances to be fierce and better every year. It’s hardly surprising why these performances have become top quality entertainment. 

When Does Junkanoo Take Place?

If you’re looking to experience this authentic celebration of national pride, we recommend securing tickets for the main events on December 26th (Boxing Day) and January 1st (New Year’s Day), the two traditional days of the Junkanoo festivities.

Don’t worry about your tickets, we can take care of that here at Prive. 

However, even if you’re not in Nassau during the holiday season, there are many other opportunities to witness this rhythmic parade throughout the year, including: 

I bet you’re feeling excited to check out this culture rush besides the natural pools of the paradisiacal Bahamas with your whole family. 

What are you waiting for. 

Let us get your planning out of the way.

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