5 of the Best Places To Party In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is a well-known travel destination, and it’s easy to see the appeal. Beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, unmatched adventure, and a roaring nightlife.  What more could you want? We’re gonna hone in on the nightlife side of this all—and see the awesome variety of partying experience Rio de Janeiro has to offer. 


  • If beautiful landscapes are your priority and you like to start with a memorable but chill time, Copacabana is the place for you. It has tons of bars to choose from, so you can have a drink and ease yourself into the night. Meet a few new people and grow your group, if that’s your thing… Maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll stay all night, or you might wanna migrate your night to one of the many other spots in Rio awaiting you….


  • Lapa is the center of Rio’s nightlife. You’ll find not only a good time, you’ll find every kind of good time. With the nightclubs bringing in students and young crowds and the bars bringing in people of all backgrounds and ages, there’s no doubt you’ll find your type of people. It also has unmatched samba clubs and even unique live shows from Brazil’s trending artists in places like Circo Voador and Fundicao Progresso. …. you can’t go wrong with a free and endless street party at Arcos De Lapa.

Santa Teresa 

  • Feeling free-spirited and casual? Absorb the surrounding culture. Have a beer and a late night snack in a local, traditional bar or check out a new and trendy spot for a cocktail. Find yourself immersed in different aspects of Brazilian culture on every corner, and even find some events on the weekends.


  • Though often neglected when thinking of nightlife, Centro steadily has some of the best local parties out in the open with live samba bands and food stalls. If you like to party outdoors or simply having a seriously good time, don’t miss the underappreciated jewel that is Centro on the weekends.


  • If you prefer indie and underground scenes, Rio still has you covered. If you’re looking for local spots and edgy beer, Voluntários de Patria, Botafogo’s main street will feel like a nightlife paradise. Thursday nights are busiest, but stop by any night of the week for all-night partying with quirky themes. 

And these spots are only a taste of the excitement waiting for you in Rio! Want to deepen your traveling party experience even further? Check out more of what Brazil has to offer: florianapolis article etc



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