Getting Through Coachella: Be Prepared and Plan Your Day

How to actually have fun 

Plan Ahead– 

Getting the boring stuff out of the way leaves space for the real fun. Get the festival guide as soon as you get through the gate and make your game plan for the day. If you’re with a group and want to meet up during the day, agree on a common meeting place for each stage and for the end of the night. Don’t expect to rely on your phone, since without fail, it’ll either be dead or without service. Also remember that as the day progresses, the grounds will get more and more packed. So if you’re trying to be somewhere at a specific time, take walking time into consideration.

Do yourself a favor, and have us plan your Coachella experiences.  There is no better way to do Coachella then the way we do it – rent villas you can’t find online, have a private chef prepare brunch every morning, get access to the side events, have dedicated transportation and avoid waiting on ubers, and be treated like a guest of an artist with access to the artist lounge, get golf carted between stages, and have the best viewing area dedicated to you and your friends.  To learn more, Click Here

Break Your Plan – 

Festivals are about adventure and discovery, so don’t treat your plan like a class schedule. See the sets you want to even if your friends aren’t as jazzed about them. If you’re walking past a band you don’t know, but dig the sound, stop and listen. Just go with the flow.

Avoid the Hottest Time of the Day – 

If you can’t stand the heat, go later in the day. You might miss out on discovering some new bands, but you’ll have loads more energy going into the night.

Drink Water Constantly – 

Passing out is the opposite of fun. As is nursing a brutal headache, taking a trip in an ambulance, etc. Keep the water chugging steady to avoid a medical emergency.

Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner  – 

When it’s hot, eating can feel like a chore, but with constant walking and standing, you need all the energy you can get. Coachella has amazing food, so there’s no reason to skip meals.

Don’t Overdo the Booze –

 Yes, beer and live music are an excellent pair, but pace yourself. Nothing kills the fun like a massive hangover.

Prepare for the Worst – 

Make sure your name, e-mail address and phone number are in your wallet in an obvious place. Consider putting labels on your phone and camera too. Nice people return these items all the time, so make it easy for them to find you.

Live in the Moment – 

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iPhones—they’re hardwired into our lives now. But concerts are always better when you’re absorbed in the experience, so let your social network wait. Let’s be honest: You’re never going to watch those iPhone videos again anyway.

Don’t Be “That Guy” – 

This isn’t a private show, so be respectful of fellow festival-goers and the friendly vibe. Don’t wear a huge hat or block other people’s view with a giant inflatable monkey. Don’t shove aggressively through the crowd. Don’t litter. Leave that Native American headdress at home (actually, why do you even own that? Gross.) Just be a nice person.}

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