Open Letter to Tulum: We’re Too Expensive!

Dear Tulum (business owners, police, taxis, government, shamans and djs)

We are too expensive.  We are all still stuck in this nostalgia of the perpetual high season that the pandemic was for us.  When we were one of the only places on the planet anyone could go to avoid the prison of their own home and have some fun, people had no choice but to pay the prices we set.  But now, the pandemic is over and the rest of the world opened up.  People are bored with Tulum and want to go to other places…add to that, we are the most expensive destination in Mexico, and rival even some of the more expensive cities in the US like Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New york, we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

Already, since the world opened up last summer of 2022, we saw a big drop in the volume of tourists coming through (with the exception of January festival season.)  Remember how slow February seemed in comparison to the past?  I do….hotel and Airbnb occupancy rates were below the norm (and I’m talking pre-pandemic numbers).  And as we move into the end of high season, with the negative media attention from the US in it’s anti-Tulum campaigns siting horrible sargasso, uptick in cartel violence, how can we expect people to come when we are priced so high on top of all of this?

Forget that I’m just one man, Luis Guajardo, have a “what grinds my gears” rant, I decided to let our travelers that come to Tulum weigh in, in the form of a petition to generate signatures of who agree and support this opinion.

So for all you folks that travel to Tulum, if you agree that Tulum is too expensive and should lower prices on EVERYTHING, please express your opinion with this petition in created: click here to sign the petition

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