Our travel agency, Prive Travels was formed in 2017 as a branch off of Prive Luxury Rentals, which focuses on vacation rentals. The concept behind our agency presents unique travel experiences, villas, and boutique hotels to travelers that want more out of their trips than what mainstream sites such as tripadvisor, booking.com, and other big sites have to offer. Being that we are a boutique travel agency we are able to give a more intimate hands on experience for our guests.

We also manage large group retreats with all inclusive experiences at several international destinations around the world.  We can take the work and stress out of planning and managing groups on a trip, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

If you are a fanatic about food, music, art, or culture, we also specialize in creating flawless and unique itineraries around many of the various festivals around the world.  We make sure that from the moment you land, every detail is planned in careful detail maximizing your enjoyment.

Meet the Team

Luis  – CEO

Kelly  – Experiences Manager

Vanessa – Travel Agent

Mina – Concierge Agent

Victoria – Concierge Agent

Influencer Program

Leidy – Influencer Manager

Alexis  – Influencer Manager