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Open Letter to Tulum: We’re Too Expensive!

Dear Tulum (business owners, police, taxis, government, shamans and djs) We are too expensive.  We are all still stuck in this nostalgia of the perpetual high season that the pandemic was for us.  When we were one of the only … Read More

Getting Through Coachella: Be Prepared and Plan Your Day

How to actually have fun  Plan Ahead–  Getting the boring stuff out of the way leaves space for the real fun. Get the festival guide as soon as you get through the gate and make your game plan for the … Read More

5 of the Best Places To Party In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is a well-known travel destination, and it’s easy to see the appeal. Beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, unmatched adventure, and a roaring nightlife.  What more could you want? We’re gonna hone in on the nightlife side of this all—and see … Read More

Why You Deserve To Travel In Comfort

Let’s break this down. You’ve worked hard to earn your money. You’ve saved up and saved up, feeling like you have no time to spend it, because—surprise, surprise—you’re always working. Your Break At Last You decide to take some time … Read More

The Best Portable WiFi for Travel

When traveling internationally, many people ask us what is the best option for international data/wifi coverage.  There are several affordable options these days.  The best options are “Mi-Fi” devices were are portable routers. A Mi-Fi device is a mobile router … Read More

Junkanoo: A Unique New Years Celebration for All Ages

Going on family adventures is so much fun. It gets every member out of their routine, free from chores, homework, school, work and all the other boring stuff I’m sure you don’t even want to read about right now. Everyone … Read More

6 of the Best Festivals in the Americas—And Why They’re Worth It

6. Junkanoo— A new years experience for all ages Preceding the abolition of slavery under the British in 1834 Junkanoo was a way to express freedom that is still being celebrated today. Oh yes, freedom for all! It’s been bringing … Read More

Why partying in Ibiza is so legendary

If you’ve never been to the White Isle, you’re probably wondering why everyone gets so hyped about the place. Confused as to what it is that makes Ibiza different from all the other party destinations around the globe? Well, Ibiza … Read More

7 Things To Do In Tulum

Tulum, the destination influencers, celebs, and even my friends can’t stop raving over.  I was scrolling through instagram and saw an old acquaintance got married. Her pictures were like those that you find in a magazine. Everyone was looking beautiful, … Read More

Imagen Private Members Community

Last year the pandemic transformed Tulum into one of the world’s premier house music destinations, with some of the world’s most renown Djs coming to Tulum to play beach clubs, supper clubs, secret jungle parties, and of course the legendary … Read More

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