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4 Nights of music, culinary arts, health and wellness experience


While much of the world is still in lock down with summer tourism cancelled in many places like Ibiza, Mykonos, and other destinations in Europe; Los Angeles with stay at home orders extended through August, quarantine has ended in Tulum. Tulum was lucky enough to have experienced minimal cases of the virus during the pandemic.

The beaches are opening back up, and with social distancing regulations and new COVID 19 standards in disinfecting, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses are reopening their doors.  As well, the airlines have opened up many flights from several destinations around the world.  It is safe to travel to Riviera Maya.

Although many businesses will be opening their establishments, it has yet to be announced that any clubs or bars will be opening anytime soon, so we have curated a 4 night experience that includes private events at the MOMA pop-up hotel as well as other secret locations where only the people within our group will be able to attend.

Taboo Beach Club

Taboo Beach Club is one of the newer beach clubs in the hotel zone.  It is the only club that sells bottle service with cabanas and always has DJs that are playing music to create the party atmosphere.


nomade sunset sunday

Nomade’s sunset party on Sundays is a tradition in Tulum with it’s magical setting and electic DJs playing downtempo shamonic house.  There is often a Shamon performing a Cacao ceremony next to the bonfire on the beach.  Enjoy the hand crafted house cocktails with fresh ingredients while dancing as the day turns to night.   A perfect way to end a magical weekend in Tulum.

Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 5.47.30 PM

The Yacht experience

Venture out into the crystal turquoise waters of the Caribbean and see all the wildlife that inhabit this area.  Drinks, snacks, music, and good company make this the perfect day to enjoy the sun!



With your purchase your accommodations, housekeeping, private chef catering 2 meals a day at MOMA Tulum, transportation, boat rental with snacks and alcohol included, private villa event, and live entertainment throughout the 4 night experience.

Not Included:

Food and beverage at the beach clubs are not included in the price.

MOMA provides basic essentials:

  1. Shower and pool towels
  2. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
  3. Hand soap, dish soap
  4. Paper towel, toilet paper
  5. Coffee machine
  6. Hair dryer
  7. Blender
  8. Pots and pans, cookware
  9. Dishes, glasses, silverware, tupperware, cutlary

We can accommodate you in any type of hotel, villa, or apartment in the city, Aldea Zama, or beachfront.  The pricing you see includes MOMA Tulum which is the best value factoring in location, price point, quality, and general amenities the building provides ideal for groups.

If you choose to stay somewhere else, the pricing of your trip may vary.  You can speak directly with one of our travel specialists to inquire.

Tulum had one of the lower numbers of reports cases of the virus.  The quarantine was very strict with the entire hotel zone being closed off to the public and business shut down for 2.5 months.  In cooperation with the tourism board and AIRBNB, we have adapted to standards of COVID cleaning and operating practices to ensure a safe environment for all of our guests.

No. The water system in Tulum is not designed for human consumption. Only showering, and bathing. Bottled water will be provided to you at MOMA during your stay and many of the hotels and locations we shoot at provide water or other beverages that will be at your own cost.

Our chefs are knowledgeable in nutrition and can customize the meal plan to accommodate everyone.  Once your reservation is confirmed a travel specialist will be in contact and have a series of questions for you to learn more about you and any dietary restrictions or food allergies you or anyone in your group may have.

Most of our activities require minimal athletic ability.  They are friendly to all ages and people with levels of fitness.  Some of the activities may not be suitable for a person with physical disabilities.  Again, a travel specialist will be in touch in order to discuss any situations like this in more detail.

Full payment is required to reserve your spot, but don’t worry, we are offering a very flexible cancellation policy.

Payment options:

  • We accept paypal, zelle, venmo, or bank transfer.

We are aware that many flights are being cancelled everyday and travel can be unpredictable.  This is why we are guaranteeing a 100% refund to any of our guests leading up to the day of check in.  You simply provide proof of flight cancellation or a note from a doctor stating you are unavailable to travel and we will refund.  

We also will allow all reservations to be fully transferable to someone else if you are not able to travel for personal reasons.

Only with the occurrence of a large climatic event such as a hurricane or severe tropical rain storm will the event be cancelled.  In this situation the dates can be rescheduled free of charge. Other than that, the experiences, once dates are confirmed go on, rain or shine.  We are able to adjust schedules in order to make sure activities still take place.

We have a representative that meets you right outside of the airport terminal as soon as you exit customs.  They will guide you to our private transportation we have setup for you and your group, and they take you directly to the building.

We have hosts that will be guiding you through the itinerary.  It’s extremely important that you are punctual with the itinerary as there are other guests and also services being provided by people and companies.  If you fall behind schedule and are not present at a pickup time, then it can/will cause a delay in the itinerary. Therefore extreme tardiness can result in being left behind and having to schedule your own transportation at your own cost to catch up with the group.

You are not required to participate in every activity if you don’t want to.  We have designed an itinerary that is diverse and gives extreme value for what you are paying for, but you are free to take advantage of the itinerary how you please.  We do plan in some free time in breaks during the day and also in the evening which should be plenty of time to enjoy shopping, strolling down the beach, or anything you may want to do outside our planned itinerary.

We will have someone taking photos/videos throughout the experience for marketing purposes which we are happy to share with you for your own personal use.  If you would like to have your own photographer/videographer, we can arrange for that at an extra cost.

Pets are not permitted.

Mexico uses the same outlets and operates on a 127V supply voltage and 60Hz.



"Moma was the perfect combination of fun and comfort all in one beautiful place. The experience was very stress free. Our entire itinerary was organized by the concierge for my group. Can't wait to come back!"
Adam Julian


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