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Since the quarantine ended June 1st, 2020, Tulum has been lucky enough to avoid any major presence of the Covid virus.  The open environment of beach clubs, restaurants, stores, beaches, and jungle have provided the ideal environment for life to remain as normal as possible without any major increase in cases of the virus.

This has put Tulum in the spotlight of the world as one of the most open destinations during the pandemic.  With no restrictions for entering the country, and minimal changes to capacity, hours of operations.  From boat excursions, to Mayan ruins & cenotes tours, jungle parties, beach clubs, supper clubs, Tulum has provided a much needed break to the lockdown life to people from all around the world.

We update a landing page with all info on supper clubs, beach clubs, underground jungle parties, DJ lineups, and all things fun in Tulum to do on a weekly basis.  Click the button below to check out the calendar!

Taboo Beach Club

Taboo Beach Club is one of the newer beach clubs in the hotel zone.  It is the only club that sells bottle service with cabanas and always has DJs that are playing music to create the party atmosphere.


nomade sunset sunday

Nomade’s sunset party on Sundays is a tradition in Tulum with it’s magical setting and electic DJs playing downtempo shamonic house.  There is often a Shamon performing a Cacao ceremony next to the bonfire on the beach.  Enjoy the hand crafted house cocktails with fresh ingredients while dancing as the day turns to night.   A perfect way to end a magical weekend in Tulum.

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The Yacht experience

Venture out into the crystal turquoise waters of the Caribbean and see all the wildlife that inhabit this area.  Drinks, snacks, music, and good company make this the perfect day to enjoy the sun!


Stay at Hotels, Villas, or Condos

Beachfront | Sian Kaan | Aldea Zama | La valetta

5 star Building

Located in the brand new area of Aldea Premium in Aldea Zama, MOMA Tulum puts guests within a short driving distance or bike ride to the beach or puebla.  The area is very private and secure and has a pharmacy, small market, and restaurants all within walking distance.


More details about traveling to Tulum

Zero.  Cancun airport does not require any verification or vaccination or negative PCR/Antigen test.  No quarantine is requiring after entering the country either.

Though the capacity size and hours of operation have fluctuated a bit throughout the pandemic, Tulum business has remained fully open and operational since the quarantine ended.  Business generally stay open past 12am.

Mask requirements have been minimal with only businesses such as banks, government offices, and grocery stores having mandatory mask  rules.

For the most part local law enforcement leaves the tourists alone as long as basic regulations are followed.  

At night, especially at police filter points that check for drivers under the influence, they do seems to be more strict about events, parties, or people out past the closing times of supper clubs (around 12am – 2am).

Tulum had one of the lower numbers of reports cases of the virus.   Crime is generally low, especially in areas of Aldea Zama and Hotel Zone.

Many people ask about the threat of the cartel in Tulum.  Although a presence does exists (like most major cities and tourist destinations around the world), instances where tourists have been involved in Cartel incidents have been nearly at zero with zero fatalities the past year of the pandemic.

No. The water system in Tulum is not designed for human consumption. Only showering, and bathing. 

Bottled water or water from advanced filtration systems are an absolute must.

Tulum has a wide range of culinary experiences featuring chefs from all around the world, and prices points from cheap and fast, to fine dining.

Tulum has a great selection of vegan and vegetarian  cuisine, as well as fresh seafood.

In general normal cancellation policies apply except in cases of medical issues to due infection of the covid virus, any shutdown of businesses due to government regulations, borders being shut down, or flight cancellations related to covid.

The normal immigration process still applies except for the addiction of a health form that qill ask you some simple questions about your exposure, if any, to the virus recently before your arrival.

Depending on the business there are rules for entering.  Some restaurants require reservations only, while some stores have a small maximum capacity for the number of people in the store at one time.  Most restaurants and bars must stop serving and close no later than 12am – 2am.

The easiest and most efficient way to plan your trip is to speak to one of our experienced concierge who has well working knowledge of all of this information.

Tulum is a very pet friendly city and immigration only requires the basic form from vets with up to date vaccine information.

Mexico uses the same outlets and operates on a 127V supply voltage and 60Hz.



"Moma was the perfect combination of fun and comfort all in one beautiful place. The experience was very stress free. Our entire itinerary was organized by the concierge for my group. Can't wait to come back!"
Adam Julian


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