Namibia Fly-In Safari (8 days)

Namibia Fly-In Safari

(8 days)


The Namibia Fly-In Safari by Ker & Downey includes scenic air transfers between three of Namibia’s most striking natural wonders: Etosha National Park, Damaraland, and the pans and dunes of Sossusvlei. Explore the enchanting beauty of this captivating country on our custom, private Namibia luxury safari.


Some Meals Provided

Breakfast included 7 day, as well as 7 dinners and 6 lunches. Ask your travel specialist for more details.


All tours depart daily and are private, highly personalized and luxurious. Virtuoso travelers receive amenities and VIP treatment on all Artisans of Leisure tours.

Professional Guide

All tours include a guide to show you all there is to see on the tour.

Hotel Pickup & Drop-off

Private airport transfer for every Virtuoso member

Trip Itinerary

DAY #1 - Windhoek, Namibia - The Olive Exclusive Hotel
Windhoek is the first destination on your journey, its German-colonial streets welcoming you to Namibia and an evening at The Olive Exclusive Hotel preparing you for the journey ahead.
DAY #2 - Etosha National Park, Namibia - Onguma - The Fort
Etosha National Park is the first destination in the wilderness on your Namibia Fly-In Safari. Arriving to the Onguma Game Reserve, just next door to the park, The Fort will be your refuge for the first part of your journey. This Namibia luxury lodge is imbued with unique Moroccan and Indian flair, and its tall tower looks out over the magical landscape.
DAY #3 - Etosha National Park, Namibia - Onguma - The Fort
Onguma means “the place you don’t want to leave” in the Heroro language, and the varied options in the reserve succeed in completely enveloping visitors in this magical place. Safari through the eastern region of Etosha National Park, neighboring Fisher’s Pan and sheltering some 30 different species of plains wildlife. Find zebra, impala, giraffe, kudu, and oryx on game drives through the region, and perhaps even find cheetah, leopard, and lion in pursuit. Birding enthusiasts will be kept busy too, watching the trees and the skies for some of the 300 bird species that have been sighted within the reserve.
DAY #4 - Damaraland, Namibia Sorris Sorris Lodge
Your Namibia Fly-In Safari continues in Damaraland, a rugged and mountainous region. Sorris Sorris Lodge is your next Namibia luxury safari accommodation, with eco-friendly low-profile buildings and a network of raised decks perched atop a hill of boulders. Just nine individual suites comprise the accommodations, with thick walls of stone and rammed-earth serving both as distinguishing organic design elements, and as natural insulation from the midday heat and cold of night. Guests find themselves surrounded by tumbling granite boulders, frozen in their unique desert landscape, a precarious location easily traversed thanks to a network of ingenious low-impact timber decks and raised walkways.
DAY #5 - Damaraland, Namibia Sorris Sorris Lodge
Desert-adapted elephants thrive here, and the guides of Sorris Sorris Lodge excel at tracking these magnificent and hardy animals by game vehicle and on foot. Ugab’s rivers remain still and void of water for most of the year, but its ephemeral flow is enough to sustain vegetation for giraffe, kudu, springbok, and other desert-adapted grazers. The wonders of Brandberg and other granite massifs are a short drive away, all displaying some 6,000 years of rock art to discover. View the area from above on a unique safari through the sky in a hot air balloon.
DAY #6 - NAMIBRAND NATURE RESERVE , Namibia - NON-Renewal closed for renovation -andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Before you arrive to your last safari destination, your flight will soar over the infamous Skeleton Coast – no Namibia Fly-In Safari is complete without this awe-inspiring view. Arrive to Sossusvlei Desert Lodge for the last part of your journey, and though the surrounding environment may be unforgiving, you are wrapped in luxury within one of 10 modern suites. When night falls so do the temperatures in the desert, but thankfully the room’s fireplace is there to provide heat and to enhance the mood.
DAY #6 - NAMIBRAND NATURE RESERVE , Namibia - NON-Renewal closed for renovation -andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Drive into Namib-Nakluft National Park to enjoy breakfast amid the vast pans and rolling sand dunes of Sossusvlei, and see at all from above on a hot air balloon excursion. The oryx, springbok, mountain zebra, and leopard are among the desert dwellers that can be seen on game drives with the lodge trackers and guides. By night, visit the state-of-the-art observatory to gaze up into the endless sky with the resident astronomer, pinpointing the constellations and celestial wonders only seen in the southern hemisphere.
Today you depart for your return journey, with VIP services at the airport with your Ker & Downey guide.

Tour Pricing

3 Hour Tour
2 People +
  • Return Shuttle
  • 5 Restaurants
  • Food Included
  • Historic Locations
5 Hour Tour
2 People +
  • Return Shuttle
  • 10 Restaurants
  • Food Included
  • Historic Locations


The tour was great and Ker and Downey easy to work with. We felt taken care of from start to finish.
Suzan Von Lengerke
09 Apr 2022
The entire trip, once it happened (thanks to several reschedules) was very organized and thought through. When the original Galapagos operator cancelled late in the game, Ker & Downey quickly found us an alternative.
Cristina Buaas
01 Jan 2022
We travel a lot and have worked with a number of top tour companies like Tauck, A&K, and Vaya. We chose K&D for our custom trip to Honduras because frankly, the bigs don’t go there or many other off the beaten track places in Latin America which is such a shame. I’m glad we chose them as they are smaller, more personable and service oriented. Their pre-trip planner was one of the best - customized for our trip (the tipping section was particularly helpful). Monica, from their Guatemala office, kept in touch with us throughout from the minute we landed to boarding our flight home. She also helped us change plans from a flight to a ferry at last minute due to weather. All said I wouldn’t hesitate to use K&D again especially for our Latin American jaunts.
Charlotte French
04 Feb 2020

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