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If you are visiting a city that is a coast, nothing elevates your vacation more than a gorgeous day on a yacht or catamaran with your friends and/or family in the clear blue waters with the ocean breeze.  Our yacht experiences range from snorkeling tours, sunset cruises, party cruises or sunset cruises.  Enjoy drinks, snacks, or even meals prepared by private chefs with freshly caught fish while on your boat.

Yacht Week

Have you experienced Yacht Week before?  One of the ultimate luxury yacht experiences is yachting through the waters of the Caribbean, Croatia or other areas of the Mediterranean with a group of friends or join a a boat and meet new people.  With several points of interest scheduled, you will party with other boats and see some of he most extraordinary coves, lagoons, bays, and/or caves around the world.

Island Hop with Overnight Stay On a Yacht

Another great way to spend a vacation is to take the seas and island hop around the Caribbean or the Pacific Islands, spending your nights in your luxurious yacht and experiencing the day activities at the different islands you visit.  This is a great idea for couples, groups of friends, or families.

We have yacht and catamaran rentals at most of the major cities and beach destinations around the world.

Yachts From $1000 & Up

Taboo Beach Club is one of the newer beach clubs in the hotel zone.  It is the only club that sells bottle service with cabanas and always has DJs that are playing music to create the party atmosphere.


Catamarans for 25 to 350 people from $1500 & up

Nomade’s sunset party on Sundays is a tradition in Tulum with it’s magical setting and electic DJs playing downtempo shamonic house.  There is often a Shamon performing a Cacao ceremony next to the bonfire on the beach.  Enjoy the hand crafted house cocktails with fresh ingredients while dancing as the day turns to night.   A perfect way to end a magical weekend in Tulum.

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Yacht Week experience

Venture out into the crystal turquoise waters of the Caribbean and see all the wildlife that inhabit this area.  Drinks, snacks, music, and good company make this the perfect day to enjoy the sun!


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At destinations around the world

More details about renting boats

Per most local regulations, licensed and experiences staff are providing with each boat rental including a captain who drives, and staff to maintain the boat and provide you with services such as waiters, and bartenders.

Most tours are minimum 4 hours and up to 8 hours but there are exceptions such as 2 hour sunset bruises.  

Most boat charter companies adhere to the local minimum drinking age.  Ask and our concierge will inform you based on where you are renting.

All boats are required to have enough life vests for the number of people on the boat.  There are also radio systems on each boat to be able to communicate with the Coast Guard in the case of emergency. 

No.  The water system on the boat is only to wash your hands, shower, and for the toilet.  It is not meant to be consumed.  Water is provided for all guests on all boat rentals.

Fishing depends on several factors.  

  1. Fishing expeditions may have a different cost then regular boat rental.
  2. Local laws may prohibit any sort of fishing in protected waters.
  3. Fishing may be regulated and allowed in certain areas or specific seasons.

Make sure to ask your concierge if you are interested to do fishing while on your boat.

Most charter companies require 25% to 50% non-refundable deposit in order to confirm a booking. In some cases if the reservation is cancelled more than 1 week in advance they may partialling refund a deosit with a small cancellation fee.  Our concierge will inform you of the exact cancelation policy for the boat/destinaiton you renting in.

The max capacity of each boat is set for safety purposes, therefore you cannot go over the max number of people listed with the boat description.

Depending on the boat charter company, the rental may just include the boat, sometimes just basic beverages and/or snacks, and sometimes open bar and a full meal and chef.  Our concierge will inform you of the options available for the prices you are intersted in.

You must notify/ask your concierge if you have a pet.  Some boats may allow it, many do not.

To protect and extend the life of the boat, most boat require to remove your footwear before getting on the boat.  This is part of the lifestyle!! Enjoy being at sea barefoot!



"The SoundWave boat parties are next level. Can't until they starty having them in other cities!"
Adam Julian


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