A Madagascar Safari (14 days)

A Madagascar Safari (14 days)

(11 days)


The Madagascar safari by Ker & Downey showcases all of the island’s untamed and unbelievable bests, from the gnarly Spiny Forests of the South to the epic island paradises of the North. Private transfers to and from each destination allow you to make the most of your two-week Madagascar luxury safari amid the country’s unique lemurs, local tribes, marine life, and landscapes.


Lunch Included

Breakfast included 11 day,As well as 7 Lunch and 11 Dinner. Ask travel specialist for more details.


All tours depart daily and are private, highly personalized and luxurious. Virtuoso travelers receive amenities and VIP treatment on all Artisans of Leisure tours.

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All tours include a guide to show you all there is to see on the tour.

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Private airport transfer for every Virtuoso member

Trip Itinerary

DAY #1 - Antananarivo, Madagascar Lokanga Boutique Hotel
Your classic Madagascar safari begins in the country’s bustling capital of Antananarivo, lovingly referred to as “Tana” among locals, which serves as a gateway to the rest of the country. Spend the evening relaxing after your journey in Lokanga Boutique Hotel. This charmingly eccentric traditional Malagasy House boasts six unique rooms and spectacular vistas over the country’s capital.
DAY #2 - Andasibe, Madagascar Vakona Forest Lodge
A four-hour drive outside of the capital city is the incredible Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, a stunning forest protecting some of the country’s rarest lemurs, including the ever-popular Indri Indri. Located at the edge of the park, Vakona Forest Lodge is a spectacularly isolated rainforest retreat surrounded by some of the island’s most beautiful rivers, lakes, and mountains. This is the ultimate rainforest experience, offering comfortable accommodations and interesting activities leading guests into the heart of Madagascar’s most exotic lemur-ridden landscapes.
DAY #3 - Andasibe, Madagascar Vakona Forest Lodge
Customize your activities over the next two days. From your private bungalow at Vakona Forest Lodge, embark on guided explorations through the surrounding nature, trekking through the Analamazotra Reserve, and setting out on nighttime nature walks.
DAY #4 - Andasibe, Madagascar Vakona Forest Lodge
The lodge has several of its own hiking trails, allowing for spectacular hiking, trekking, and horseback riding among the wild lemurs, reptiles, and birds of the forest. Vakona is also home to a fascinating crocodile farm and Lemur Island, a private lemur sanctuary accessible only by paddleboat, where rescued lemurs clamber for food and petting from their visitors.
DAY #5 - Andasibe, Madagascar Vakona Forest Lodge
Return to the capital city today to relax before the next adventure.Le Relais des Plateaux is a small slice of luxury for those short overnight Tana stopovers. Family owned since 2005, the French and Malagasy inspired hotel is known as the “oasis at the gates of Antananarivo”, offering an assortment of rare Madagascar indulgences such as a relaxing swimming pool, a delicious restaurant menu, and reliable air conditioning.
DAY #6 - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar Mandrare River Camp
Your next adventure awaits in the south, the country’s most impressive and diverse region. Settle in along the Mandrare River in the indulgent tents of Mandrare River Camp, where the sounds of coucal and crested drongo birds add to the serene riverside setting. Mandrare River Camp’s six large tents exude comfort and romance, with luxurious yet eco-sensitive extravagances of four-poster mosquito netted beds, ornate hand-carved furniture, substantial en-suite stone bathrooms, organic toiletries, 24-hour solar water heating, and private wooden verandas.
DAY #7 - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar Mandrare River Camp
Spend three days along the river experiencing the rich tapestry of wildlife and culture exclusive to the region. Just north of the surfer haven of Fort Dauphin is the sacred Ifotaka Community Forest, home to the beautiful and fiercely traditional Antandroy tribe. The surrounding Spiny and Gallery forests are some of the most pristine in the country, passionately protected by the Antandroy due to being the site of their ancestor’s ornate burial tombs. Intimate encounters with the Antandroy people and traditional performances of song and dance around the campfire are some of the most memorable takeaways from this region.
DAY #8 - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar Mandrare River Camp
Experience day and night guided walking and driving safaris through the forests, trekking five different lemur species and various types of amphibians, reptiles, and birds. Many of the weird and wonderful creatures found within the forests are some of the world’s rarest specimens to behold. Enjoy sundowners under the towering Baobab groves as a farewell to the south of Madagascar.
DAY #9 - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar Mandrare River Camp
Return to Tana today for another night of leisure, back within the comfortable confines of Lokanga Boutique Hotel.
DAY #10 - Nosy Be, Madagascar Constance Tsarabanjina
Travel onward to the north for four days of island paradise. Off the coast of Nosy Be is the small volcanic island of Tsarabanjina, a speck in the Indian Ocean that feels entirely yours. Occupy one of 25 indulgent rosewood, palm-thatched Beach Villas, each fenced by tropical plants on the island’s secluded North and South beaches. Luxury extends throughout, with en-suite bathrooms of natural stone and wood outfitted with tree trunk rain showers and sliding window doors leading out to private terraces for sunbathing, star gazing, and soaking in the endless ocean views.
DAY #11 - Nosy Be, Madagascar Constance Tsarabanjina
Spend four days following the rhythm of the clear ocean, soaking in the extravagance of the Constance Tsarabanjina, delighting in sumptuous seafood, and exploring the underwater biodiversity of the Mitsio coral reefs. This is island living at its best, where time is told by the rising and setting of the sun and where bare feet are the only dress code.
DAY #12 - Nosy Be, Madagascar Constance Tsarabanjina
Snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing are a must, with clear, teeming waters just steps from the villas and masks, flippers, snorkels, and loungers all available to borrow. Further afield, uncover unparalleled biodiversity on the lush volcanic land with a guided nature or botanical walk and under the translucent sea with private cruises, deep sea fishing, and scuba diving expeditions to discover the hidden depths of the famous Mitsio coral reefs, a fascinating aquarium of turtles, fish, sharks, eels, stingrays, and humpback whales.
DAY #13- Nosy Be, Madagascar Constance Tsarabanjina
For a taste of local culture, visit the sacred tombs of the Sakalava Kings, or head to the gift boutique to shop a for Malagasy art and Tsarabanjina clothing. At Constance Tsarabanjina, there are no telephones, no televisions, and Internet only upon request. There is no pretense here—only the hope that guests experience a genuine encounter with nature.
DAY #14 - Nosy Be, Madagascar
Today you depart for your return journey, with VIP services at the airport with your Ker & Downey guide.

Tour Pricing

11-13 People

From Tulum
$ 80 per person
  • Private Transportation
  • Entrance into Chichen Itza
  • Lunch
  • Tequila Tasting Tour
  • Cenote entrance
11-13 People
From Playa del Carmen
  • Private Transportation
  • Entrance into Chichen Itza
  • Lunch
  • Tequila Tasting Tour
  • Cenote Entrance
11-13 People
From Cancun
  • Private Transportation
  • Entrance into Chichen Itza
  • Lunch
  • Tequila Tasting Tour
  • Cenote Entrance


The tour was great and Ker and Downey easy to work with. We felt taken care of from start to finish.
Suzan Von Lengerke
09 Apr 2022
We had an excellent experience with Olivia as our travel agent. She took the time to talk to us before booking to get an idea of our wants and needs. We did several countries and numerous cities on our trip; Olivia got it exactly right at every location! Every hotel, excursion and travel experience was exactly to our liking with above and beyond service and accommodations. We also ran into numerous barriers/changes with COVID19 while on our trip. Olivia kept an eye on restrictions for each location we were in, adjusted our trip/hotel/flights as needed in a way that felt effortless to us, but I'm sure was so much work on her end. We would book with her again and highly recommend her as personable, knowledgeable and hardworking.
Olivia Link
14 Jan 2022
The entire trip, once it happened (thanks to several reschedules) was very organized and thought through. When the original Galapagos operator cancelled late in the game, Ker & Downey quickly found us an alternative.
Cristina Buaas
01 Jan 2022

from $80/person

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