Tulum Festival Season 2020

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New Years 2020 brought in another action packed festival season in Tulum.  As Tulum grows, so do the options of things to do all year round.  Dec 27 - Jan 13 has been transformed into the "Winter Ibiza" when many of the Ibiza parties invade Tulum.  For the music lover, winter is the time to be in Tulum.  Here's a recap of the festivals and parties that took place:

New Years 2020 brought in another action packed festival season in Tulum.  As this special little beach town grows, so do the options of things to do all year round.  But that time of year between Dec 27 – Jan 13 has become something special as many Ibiza parties invade and transform Tulum into the “Winter Ibiza.  For the House music lover, this is the best place to be on the planet.  Here’s a recap of the festivals and parties that took place:

Day Zero

Day Zero is by far the most anticipated and sought after event of Tulum Festival Season.  Typically it sells out even before the holidays begin in December and getting a ticket after that can be pretty hard and cost you a pretty penny.  This years Day Zero was nothing short than spectacular.  Adding an extra stage gave festival goers 3 total stages all with incredible lineups

Zamna Music Festival

Zamna Music Festival consistently brought the biggest acts to Tulum this year.  Hosted both in the jungle and at Mia beach club in the hotel zone, festival goers enjoyed big acts such as Tale of Us and Black Coffee, and also well known events such as “Do Not Sit on the Furniture” and Afterlife.

Esto es Tulum

Esto es Tulum has a really promising schedule with a strong finish with it’s Children of the Sun Burning Man party but unfortunately fell victim to cartel violence which cut the festival short.  The concept was great with the festival aligning itself with other festivals and events from around the world.  The production was very unique as well.  One of the stages and backstage area was built on a island in the middle  of the cenote.  Some of the highlighted artists included Fisher, legend pete tong, Serge Devant, and local favorites Savage and She.


Storytellers at Papaya Playa will blow your mind with the extent and creativity of it’s production.  The visual stimulation behind the decor, lights, fire and dance performances coupled with the incredible music provided by live act DJs like Bora Uzer, Jan Blomqvist and Art Dept. made for another mind blowing event.  Watching the sun rise off the Atlantic horizon while dancing to Luciano was one of the highlights of this festival season. 


Being it’s the same production team as Storytellers, Woomoon was another visually captivating event with incredible music.  The theme focuses more on darkness mixed with black lights and neon lights.  The performances were mysterious, but the energy was still high.  It rained a small portion of the night but the temperatures remained comfortable.  BORA UZER, Lum, LUM (MX). and Luciano closed with a great set.

Casa Malca

Casa Malca was the place to be this year for the day beach club parties.  Hosting some of this years top performing Djs such as Bedouin, Tale of Us, and Serve Devant, Casa Malca was one of the more popular of the day venue on the beach.  Of course they play host to one of the best New Year’s Eve after parties going well into the next day, complimented this year by a live performance by Joeski.


Be Tulum/Nomade

Be Tulum and Nomade have been the staple of Tulum New Years for years now.  Their parties are kept exclusive to only their hotel guests and guest invited by the owners.  The lucky view that made it to the parties got to enjoy acts by Matanza, Maga, Nico Stojan, LUM (MX), and Solomun.

Avid Artist Agency Showcase

Closing out they day beach club parties, Avid Artist Agency and Prive Travels teamed up to present a showcase of their the Avid Artists, Savage and She, Robbie Akbal , Simon Doty, and special guest Emanate.  Mia Beach Club, which was the premiere beach club that hosted the Zamna Music Festival beach club day events, hosted this showcase for it’s final event of the festival season.


Mayan Warrior


H Moonlight


The Zoo Project



Solomun +1


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