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This month features the 2nd year of the 2nd festival season in April.  The pandemic birthed this month long festival season that takes place primarily Thursday through Sunday.  This year Zamna, SET Underground and a few other secret jungle parties will take place every weekend.  As well, the 3rd weekend sees the return of the Art with Me festival to it’s rightful home on the beaches of Tulum.  We have access to tickets and table for you as well as a discount code for Art with Me.  

Follow the instagram accounts to follow live updates on what’s going on around town.  Join the whatsapp and/or the telegram chat groups to get information about everything from AFTER PARTIES, hotels, airbnbs,, taxi numbers, underground/secret events, special events, special restaurant deals, or any question you have about Tulum.



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tulum hotel booking


4/5 star | Boutique

We have a comprehensive list of hotels based on the location you want to stay in, type of hotel suitable for couples, families, or the party goers. 

From 4/5 star rated, large chain hotels, or the hard to find boutique hotels, we have spent the time researching to make your selection easy and get preferred rates and perks you can’t get booking yourself online.

Tulum after night parties

Summer Season

Day Clubs | Jungle Parties

As Tulum enters its low season, there’s a shift in things to do.  The seaweed maybe in season, but this moves the day parties to day clubs with pools, Cenote day clubs, and private villa pool parties.

Although the summer season isn’t like January, there are still big name DJs coming on the weekends.  We will continue to update the lineups every week and also make sure to join our group chat for the latest on private villa parties, and secret after parties in the jungle or at speakeasys.

Tulum vacation rentals

Vacation Rentals

Luxury Villa or Penthouses

Enjoy your time in Tulum beach front, hidden in the jungle, or one of the private gated communities of Aldea Zama. 

We have access to over 100 villas in all of Tulum from Akumal to Sian Kaan, or out towards Francisco Uh May.  

We don’t only provide you with the villa, but we also can transform it into a 5 star hotel stay, complete with private chef, housekeeping, private security, dedicated private transportation, spa services, and dedicated concierge to help plan our entire trip from the moment you land.


Tulum Restaurant and Beach Club Guide

For all reservations, contact a dedicated concierge for you on whatsapp:

Top Supper Clubs

IT Restaurant

Following its tradition from  the Ibiza/London location, enjoy dinner while the world biggest DJs play.  You dont know who is playing, but you know it’s always someone big!


This Moroccan themed restaurants has excellent cuisine and books some of the biggest DJs in the industry to enjoy live music while enjoying dinner and drinks. 


The Rosa Negro group has created a supper club with a house music theme.  Unique with its sand floor and palapa roof, they bring a fine dining experience coupled with international DJs.


One of the original restaurants to hit the scene with amazing food and even better ambiance with live music, Gitano still reigns supreme.  Their signature Fridays is still the hot spot to be!

Casa Jaguar

One of the original restaurants to hit the scene with amazing food and even better ambiance with live music, Casa Jaguar still reigns supreme.  Their signature Thursdays is still the hot spot to be!  

Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra launched on the scene in Tulum with a bang bringing the party to the dining experience with music, sparklers, and the perfect environment for groups looking for action.

Funky Geisha

Funky Geisha restaurant is the newest installment of the Rosa Negra group.  This unique Moroccan style restaurant has the entire restaurant in the sand and provides a wide variety of Asian infused cuisine mixed with the party environment Rosa Negra is known for. 


Parole restaurant is the Italian option of the Rosa Negra group. Located in the jungle side of the hotel zone, Parole mixes the Italian cuisine and signature cocktails with the party environment Rosa Negra is known for.


Itzik brings Mediterranean cuisine and signature cocktails mixed with some of the world top artists to create a unique dining/music experience.

Top Beach Clubs


2020 saw Vagalume take over as one of the most popular beach clubs in Tulum.  It’s beautiful decor and top DJs playing propelled it to the top.  The dining experience here is led by one Tulum’s top chefs Jose Luis.

Papaya Playa

Papaya Playa has been reigning King of the beach clubs in Tulum for years.  Top notch location with top not artists and it’s unique ampitheater style venue makes Papaya playa a must.  This year they focus on unique dining experiences with amazing musical journeys.


Mia broke onto the scene over two years ago and established itself as one of Tulum premiere beach clubs.  This year they provide a unique dining experience on the beach with live music from top artists from around the world.

Roc Beach Club

One of Tulum’s newest beach clubs, Roc is located early in the hotel zone which helps skip the traffic.  The infinity pool, paired with amazing cuisine and music from top artists around the world give Roc it’s place in Tulum’s culture.


The Rosa Negra group opens their 3rd beach club that focus on a similar theme as tantra and taboo while also hosting special events with large artist like Claptone, Gordo, and Black Coffee.


Bagatelle launched it’s newest installed of it’s international franchise in the heart of the hotel zone.  It’s unique dining experience with a mix of local DJs and international artist continue it’s long standing reputation of one of the worlds best beach club brands.


Tantra, the newest beach club of the Rosa Negra group, elevates the experience of champagne and sparklers from Taboo, and adds luxury such as personal assistants and private pools for each cabana mixed with it’s wide variety of music genres. 


Taboo, the first beach club of the Rosa Negra group, introduced the experience of champagne and sparklers mixed with it’s wide variety of music genres. 

Top Sushi Restaurants


About to re-open this second week of festival season, Okoru, another installment from the owners of Vagalume, provides a unique live music dining experience with one of the finest quality of sushi fish in all of Riviera Maya imported all the way from Chile.

Tseen Ja

Tseen Ja by Azulik has top notch sushi fish, unique dining experience with the nests, and access to the private restaurant club with live music below.

Sushi Club

This popular franchise from Argentina is brought to you by one of the owners of Be Tulum/Nomade hotels and features top quality fish and unique rolls.  And always has music from one of the resident locals Djs.


Toro restaurant is the Sushi option of the Rosa Negra group. Located on the left side of Rosa Negra, Toro mixes sushi cuisine and signature cocktails with the party environment Rosa Negra is known for.

Top Fine Dining Restaurants


The newest installment one of Tulum’s top chefs, Jose Luis, Atila has a unique menu comprised of fresh ingredients paired with unique cocktails that leave all guests with rave reviews.


One of Tulum’s first fine dining restaurant still is on top of the list.  Jose Luis has created an exquisite menu made with fresh ingredients and unique signature drinks that have kept it on top of the list in Tulum.

Mia Restaurant

Mia restaurant present an exotic menu with amazing wine pairings for a unique fine dining experience you cannot find in most restaurants of the hotel zone.

Kin Toh

Kin Toh by Azulik presents an exotic menu of earth based natural ingredients with amazing wine and signature cocktail pairings for a unique fine dining experience you cannot find in other restaurants of the hotel zone.


Meze, another installment from the Gitano group, brings Mediterranean cuisine and signature cocktails mixed with a cool vibe with live music.


Meze, another installment from the Gitano group, brings Mediterranean cuisine and signature cocktails mixed with a cool vibe with live music.

ek balam mayan ruins tour

Ek Balam

Mayan Ruins Tour

Experience one of the lesser known, but more extraordinary experience at the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam.  Here you are able to actually climb on the ruins and pyramids of one of the larger sites in this area.  Enjoy less people than at Chichen Itza, allowing for better photo ops, less chaos, and an overall better experience.

Be ready to blow your senses with this incredible cenote, your eyes will not be able to believe the beauty of nature with this cenote, where we will also have our lunch. 

coba mayan ruins tour


Mayan Ruins Tour

This private tour is in Coba, an ancient Maya city on the Yucatán Peninsula. The site is the nexus of the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world. You will ride a bike through the gorgeous jungle landscape as you travel through the entire site.

After, enjoy a snorkeling tour in two cenotes.

chicken itza mayan ruins tour

Chichen Itza

Mayan Ruins Tour

Chichén Itzá is a complex of the most famous Mayan ruins on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

We will visit La Destilería, of the MAYAPÁN agave factory, with techniques used more than 400 years ago by the Mexicans who began the manufacture of tequila. It is an artisan process that gives a unique and exquisite flavor to the MAYAPÁN agave distillate. We will end the visit with a tasting of the agave distillate obtained in the process.

To end our magical tour we visit an incredible cenote, which is wonderful to refresh after a day of adventure in Yucatan, and we will swim in the amazing cenote Saamal.

taste of tulum

Taste of Tulum

A restaurant guide

Post quarantine, Tulum has seen tremendous growth in the amount and diversity of restaurants.  From high-quality sushi, to Mediterranean, to Italian with fresh ingredients imported from Italy, we are putting together an extensive guide to help you fully enjoy the extraordinary dining expeirence awaiting you.  There will be some perks at the restaurants featured in our restaurant guide through our Imagen Tulum group.

imagen tulum

Imagen Tulum

Private Membership Community

With festival season segmented into smaller restaurant-style events with a max capacity of 250 people, the most exclusive parties will be private only accessible through Tulum’s only private membership community.

The membership ensures music by the world’s top artists, VIP access, and live updates to its members on where the parties take place.  Read more…

Tulum bike rentals

Tulum Bike Rental

Skip the Traffic

The popularity of Tulum has caused a bit of a traffic issue in the hotel zone.  The cheap easy solution is to rent bikes.  You get to see more and enjoy the jungle vibes of Tulum while skipping the sometimes 1+ hr long traffic to get in and out of the hotel zone.

Bike rentals go from $8 – $12 per day depending on the season.  Speak to our concierge to rent!

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